I am CTO and Founder of Four Site inc, and am a passionate software developer with a love of infrastructure and security.

I use the best tech for the job - that is currently AWS for infrastructure, Go for backend development, React for frontend and Flutter for apps. I've always been involved in every part of the process - from servers, databases, APIs, right up to buttons. I guess that's called 'Full Stack' nowadays.

I have held professional-level AWS certifications, and I used to be involved in the Openstack project, having made some small contributions to Swift as well as running an installation of it in a previous role. I also attended the first five design summits.

Outside of work, I enjoy days out with the family in my Model 3 and taking lots of photos.

I try my best not to get political wherever possible, but I support digital rights. I also like a good fight with my local authority, North Lanarkshire Council. Who doesn't?

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