Chicken on the Weber

23 May 2015

I got the chance to try out my Weber Poultry Roaster, which I have had for very nearly a year - got it for my birthday last May!

Popped down to my butcher for a nice chicken just before lunch, when the legendary long queue had died down a little. As is always the case, I came out over £40 ligher having only gone in for the chicken. Still, the fridge is full of lovely meat products and I had a nice sausage roll for lunch.

Fired the weber up at about 15:00 and got the poultry roaster set up. I managed to maintain quite a high temperature this time (I've been struggling lately), almost 200C, and the chicken was ready in a little over an hour. A little over an hour was how long it should have taken in the oven anyway as it turns out, but I wasn't expecting the temp on the grill to be so high.

After taking it off the grill and carving, we stuck from veggies on the roaster and chucked in some more smoking wood chips.

Overall, very good and clean plates all round!

Roast Chicken!