6 for 1 euro

14 May 2011

I've found something annoying than the 'hot girls' vendors in Vegas - the Eiffel Tower tat vendors in Paris.

You can barely walk along the street without falling over a towel full of tiny towers, jumping dogs and other assorted crap.

Every 15 feet anywhere near the Eiffel Tower you get this. And when you finally escape them, you are bombarded by people with clipboards, shoving them in your face. Not sure what the deal is, I guessed they are trying to get you to 'sponsor' them for some alleged charity? Had one shoved in our face as we sat on a park bench eating lunch, and witnessed a woman being ambushed as she got out of a taxi. Shameful, Paris.

Other than that, lots of nice things to see. This was actually my third visit, went on a bus tour this time. Even more pricey than Edinburgh bus tours, but then everything in France seems very expensive. The only downside to bus tours is that it is difficult to get good photos. I did decide to bring my SLR on holiday though, for the first time since 2004. Worked out ok, I'll start bringing it more often now.

Almost time to go home, flying back tomorrow. Well, not quite home - to Newcastle in fact, and then a 3 hour drive to Glasgow. Flights were hundreds of pounds cheaper. And no, before you ask - the savings weren't all wasted in petrol even in my thirsty new car :-)

What will I miss most about France? No contest....

Nod to @smd3000 for the depth-of-field chopping board concept.