Skill Reduction System

10 May 2011

I've just finished watching the Turkish F1 Grand Prix, and am now convinced that DRS (Drag Reduction System) is a joke. Even more so than KERS. Both systems add a 'fakeness' to F1 racing and leave a bad taste in the mouth. I could live with KERS if the 7 second limit was removed, and it was up to the teams' R&D to improve the system to have more time or perhaps less weight, but at the moment all cars carrying around the same 7 seconds seems like a big waste of time and money. It certainly doesn't seem to be attempting to improve F1's "green" credentials.

But back to DRS - all it seems to do is give a massive advantage to the car behind. If you come up to a car, you get a free pass. Simple as that. Kind of like options on computer racing games that give the inferior player in a 2 player game a faster car to allow him to catch player 1. The effect seemed worse than before in the Turkish GP due to a badly placed activation point, so cars were able to simply drive past other cars that ordinarily they would have to fight. Yes, it gave a lot of overtaking - but far too easy and too much in my opinion. I could hardly keep track of who was where, and there was rarely a battle which lasted more than a single lap.

Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways, but I preferred F1 the way it used to be. It seems that they have been "improving" it for the last 10 years and making it worse and worse. Don't get me started on Qualifying or Pirelli self destructing tyres.