Controversial self driving car company Tesla

21 June 2018

Have you noticed Tesla are always in the news? Every single item of news is immediately a global sensation.

Every attempt is made by the mainstream media to bad-mouth them, it seems. For example, here’s a story about a fire at a Land Rover dealer. No suggestion as to the cause at this stage, and the article doesn't even hazard a guess. However, they feel the need to include a video of an on-fire Tesla at the bottom.

Tesla fires, although very rare, are very widely reported, as is every crash. Even crashes where auto-pilot has not been proven to be in use, the article will say "auto pilot-enabled Tesla", just to remind us how dangerous they'd like us to believe these cars to be.

It’s almost as if the establishment has a problem with an upstart tech company muscling in on their patch.

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UPDATE September 2020 I now drive a Tesla. And it hasn't gone on fire yet. I'll be sure to let you know.