Cool kid

27 December 2020

I've moved the site again. I've lost count of how many platforms I've run this site on.

We've had Wordpress, Squarespace, Hugo, and back to Wordpress at least.

Today though, I'm joining 2020. Or maybe 2017, and going all front-end JS on it and using Gatsby on Netlify.

Several pieces of inspiration for this renewed interest in my site:

  • We are starting to switch to React at work and I want to get more experience in the JS world.
  • I am trying to kick the Facebook addiction. The place is just chock-full arseholes and I've found myself increasingly unable to not troll them. Unfortunately, this means I miss out on news from anyone who restricts updates to social media alone. But that's a moan for another day.

So, anything that might have made it to Facebook could end up on here instead. Unless it's totally trivial that is, which probably covers most of it.

What's next? I'll maybe play around with the layout of the site as it's straight out of a 'getting-started' template as I write this.

And I plan to document and write up my first cook with the Ooni Karu pizza oven which is scheduled for tomorrow.